Academic Specialist - Kay L. Smith M. Ed.

“We love you. I have spent years crediting your teaching practices with Tyler. I learned a lot from you.”

         -          Trish L.   Special Education Teacher


My 9 year old son and 6 year old daughter have enjoyed working with Ms. Kay Smith over the past year.  Her teaching is encouraging and engaging which provides amazing results.  She truly puts her heart into her services and connects with her students.  The resulting positive attitudes and impressive academic accomplishments have been uplifting for our family. 
          -        Tonya L. Parent  2nd & 4th grader

Kay Smith's technical skills in the arena of language arts are wonderful. In a short period of time, we saw marked improvements in our child's ability to read and displayed confidence in her capability. Our child was energized to do her best of under Kay's teaching. I recommend Kay's service to other families. Thank You.

          -       Derrick R. Parent


Thank you Kay for all you have done for me over the years. You have been a huge role model and inspiration throughout the years. You have taught me so much and inspire me to keep learning and growing! Thanks again!

          -        Kennedy B.  Student 


"Our daughter, Abi, has dyslexia and so does not enjoy reading which affects her writing and spelling skills.  Kay Smith's patience, kindness and understanding have helped Abi become more confident and skilled in these areas.  It was never a struggle to get her ready to go see Kay as sometimes is can be with young teens, so we knew Abi was enjoying her time with Kay.  We appreciate how Kay is always looking for ways to add and update her knowledge of learning differences; it proved to us how dedicated she is to these children."
          -        Cindy P.   Parent


“Last year was a difficult school year for my teenage son, Nicholas.  He hated school and was struggling academically.  He was beginning to shut down at school and at home.  We made the difficult decision to home school him.  I knew I could not do this alone and would need a great tutor to help me.  I started the search.  I was delighted when we found Kay Smith.  I must confess, she had previously been one of his teachers at the private school he had attended during his elementary years.  We made the decision to start tutoring right away even though it was the beginning of summer vacation."
"She tutored him several days a week throughout the summer and continues to teach him four days a week throughout the school year.  For us, Kay is more than a tutor, but rather our son’s English teacher.  He is not an easy student.  Although he is extremely bright, he is easily overwhelmed when tackling anything new as his confidence is easily broken.  He is a reluctant writer and needs to be gently pushed and encouraged to learn new skills."

"Kay has a special talent of challenging my child academically while stimulating his interest, but not overwhelming him in the process.  She is great at identifying the areas of concern and works to remedy them.  My son has grown incredibly this last year.  He struggled to write a proper paragraph in June and is now tackling longer essays and papers.  His words and sentences now match his intelligence.  Kay is also in charge of his spelling, vocabulary, literary analysis, and grammar.  She assigns him daily homework and he has weekly tests."

"We are grateful for Kay’s nurturing, yet firm approach to teaching.  Last year my son practically had to be dragged to school and now he easily leaves our home to go for his tutoring session with Kay, even though he knows he will be tackling something new or working on something he dislikes.  He is more confident and I can see he is starting to enjoy learning (although he would never admit it). Nicholas is starting to challenge himself thanks to Kay’s knowledge and experience.  We are extremely grateful to have Kay Smith as our son’s, ‘Academic Specialist!’"

          Cori B. – Woodinville, WA


"My 5th grade son, Ryan, had conventions and writing crafts pretty well under control, but needed tools, strategies, and confidence to gather his thoughts from brainstorm-outline-draft-edit to final written product.  In working with Kay Smith twice per week for three months, Ryan learned strategies to help him organize and get his thoughts down on paper. Ultimately, he was successful in creating a comprehensive report.  Kay is very professional, patient, flexible, and made Ryan feel confident in his writing.  He enjoyed working with her and his writing improved.  He received 4s (1 below average-4 above average) in all elements of writing in the semester following his tutoring with Kay.  I have referred and will continue to refer friends to Kay for help with writing."  
            Amanda P. - Redmond, WA


 "Kay and I worked at the same school for 4 years. Kay was always ready to share her expertise with staff. The staff went to her for guidance in development of curriculum. I benefited from Kay's approach because she focused on the individual student's specific needs and strengths." 

             Dorothy F. - Educator   

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