Academic Specialist - Kay L. Smith M. Ed.

Reading, Writing, and Spelling 
Intervention for Struggling Students

Providing reading/writing remediation and tutoringsupport for students of all ages.

"Kay really understands that kids with learning differences
need to be taught in a different way. She has special training
that is hard to find."Jennifer S. - Redmond, WA

A special educator instructor for over 17 years in public and private schools, Kays passion is to provide the highest quality education using researched-based explicit and sequential instruction for students struggling with reading, writing, and spelling.

Parents can be equally frustrated and at a loss of how to help their child. Taking the first step is the most challenging. If your child is experiencing difficulties in learning due to slow processing speed, working memory, expressive/receptive language, dyslexia, ADD, ADHD, or specific language-learning challenges; they require specially designed explicit and sequential instruction at their instructional level to show progress, regain their confidence, and feel successful in education.

Academic Services instruction is designed for each student, utilizing proven practices, tailored to your childs learning style and interests. These 50-minute sessions are delivered in a comfortable, private one-on-one setting.

I can make a difference in your childs education. Please take a moment to read some testimonials written by my wonderful students parents.

Kay is very professional, , flexible, and made Ryan feel confident in his writing. He enjoyed working with her and his writing ."
Amanda P. - Sammamish, WA

“The 504 Team really appreciated your letter and advice. I think it was the biggest key to getting him this plan. THANK YOU!!!!! You really are the BEST!!!”
- Parent of 9 grader

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